Dorothy Maclean

Dorothy Maclean is one of the three founders of the Findhorn Community that was established in northern Scotland in 1962. Following her inner contact with divine consciousness, she came to communicate with the angelic worlds that over-light every aspect of creation. This angelic guidance helped Findhorn's legendary gardens bloom on barren soils.

Dorothy left Findhorn in 1972 and subsequently founded an educational organization in North America with David Spangler. Since the seventies, she travelled the world giving workshops and talks about her own inner practices and attunement to the indwelling presence of divine guidance. In her talks and books, she describes her many communications with the angels of plants and trees, minerals and animals, as well as groups of humans.

Dorothy was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario in Canada and received a BA from the University of Western Ontario. During World War II, she worked for five years with the British Secret Intelligence Service in the Americas and Europe. Dorothy is the author of The Living Silence, Wisdoms, To Hear the Angels Sing, To Honor the Earth, and Choices of Love.

Dorothy retired from public life in 2010 and is now living again at Findhorn. She turned 92 during the Findhorn Foundation's 50-year anniversary in 2012.