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Why is Call of the Trees important?

Dorothy Maclean's Call of the Trees speaks to the spiritual questions we all ponder about the meaning and purpose of life:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What can I do?

These tree messages were received from a higher dimension of consciousness, 'beyond mind, beyond time and space, closer to Source where Oneness is reality.' Therefore, as the trees note, you will grasp these truths with your higher mind in spite of your intellect.

The trees are the guardians and the spiritual elders of the Earth. In these times 'when people rove a changing land of lost values,' we can tune into the timeless spirit of the trees for inner guidance.

A message from the Trees

Here is one of the many powerful messages from the Call of the Trees. We hope you, too, will sense the profound nature of what is being shared here.

Child of earth and spirit, we address the spirit aspect of your nature, for that is our meeting ground. As you have felt, we are not in harmony with the part of mankind which rapes the land, and nowhere is that cleavage more recently pronounced than in this area of ancient trees which have been thoughtlessly felled.

We repeat, mature trees are needed. It is not enough to have the land reforested, for young trees are not capable of fulfilling our task of transmuting energies. You need us for this, you need us for the balance of peace and stability. If there is a dearth of the large trees, the peace and stability of mankind is affected, for we are One. You cannot destroy us without destroying yourselves.

Now we have great inner strength to impart to you, and we will. But first we must again impress on you the message of the great trees, the message of life for us and life for you. We know the human world is beginning to appreciate the oneness of qualities. All life contributes some aspect, some quality, which is a part of the essence of humanity. Nurture us, commune with us, and find and bring wholeness to the planet.”