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Seven ways you can get involved

  1. Buy the book and read it slowly. Let the words sink in.
  2. Buy 10 books and share them with your family and friends, church or spiritual group, environmental or nature club, libraries, doctor's waiting rooms, tree nurseries and garden centers, etc.
  3. E-mail us your creative ideas about how to further get the messages out into human consciousness. <callofthetreees@gmail.com>
  4. Support initiatives to save old-growth forests and ancient trees or start your own information campaign.
  5. Support massive tree planting efforts on the planet.
  6. Start an annual “Call of the Trees” festival tradition in your community. Celebrate the trees with poetry, music, art, dance, etc., as well as with a reading of the messages. Then write up a “how to” description of your event and submit it to us to share on the website. Let’s create a global “Call of the Trees” movement!
  7. Consider becoming a distributor of the book using your networks, and linking to our website.

Your assistance at whatever level you choose to participate is greatly appreciated. Our goal is to share the wisdom and urgency of the Call of the Trees by spreading the messages as far and as wide as possible. Proceeds from this project will be used to support future publications and marketing of the Call of the Trees.

Thank you!

You are the one you have been waiting for!