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Dorothy Maclean

Dorothy Maclean
Dorothy Maclean image courtesy Lorian Association

Dorothy Maclean is one of the three founders of the Findhorn Community that was established in northern Scotland in 1962. Following her inner contact with divine consciousness, she came to communicate with the angelic worlds that over-light every aspect of creation. This angelic guidance helped Findhorn's legendary gardens bloom on barren soils. Dorothy has been traveling the world since the seventies giving workshops and talks about her own inner practices and attunement to the indwelling presence of God's divine guidance. In her talks and books, she describes her many communications with the angels of plants and trees, minerals and animals, as well as groups of humans.

Dorothy was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario in Canada and received a BA from the University of Western Ontario. During World War II, she worked for five years with the British Secret Intelligence Service in the Americas and Europe. Dorothy is the author of The Living Silence, Wisdoms, To Hear the Angels Sing, To Honor the Earth, and Choices of Love. She is presently working on her autobiography. Dorothy lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a founding member of the Lorian Association.

In her own words: "I, too, lived with the assumption that only human life is intelligent and capable of love — until one day in meditation, the still small voice within asked me to harmonize with the essence of nature… I began to understand that these 'beings' I was communicating with were actually the manifestations of an intelligent force-field that had been interpreted in different ways by different cultures through the ages. They told me that they hold the archetypal plan and pattern for all forms and aspects of creation, and that they fulfill their part in the divine plan by wielding the energy needed for the growth and development of form. I called them angels or devas, the Sanskrit word for angels meaning 'shining ones.'"

"The angels not only taught me the value of linking with nature but also continually reminded me of the truth of our own essence. They see with a perspective beyond our limited time and space and thus see the great potential we have as humans. They see us as creative beings who will lift up all life when we walk the Earth in love. They see us learning to consider the whole in our actions and interacting with them to recreate the Earth. When we stop blindly reacting and learn to act in love in all situations, this will happen. Individual growth on the part of each one of us is needed…"

"I'd like people to realize that they, too, can work cooperatively with nature's intelligence which can respond to their questions. Such cooperation is vital for the world for we need the help of the intelligence of nature in dealing with environmental problems we've created. The intellectual point of view is not sufficient; we need to go more deeply into ourselves and into nature to find the real solutions.