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They love Call of the TreesYou will, too!

Louise Diamond, founder of the Peace Company, Bristol, VT: "Brava to Dorothy Maclean! She has, once again, opened a critical doorway of communication between human beings and those we live with, often unseen, in the natural world. After reading this book, I can never again walk along a roadside, in a field or forest, without listening, loving, and linking with the tree spirits. For our world to be whole and vital, we need to honor the voices of all its creatures. Call of the Trees helps us do just that. What a glorious blessing for our precious planet."

Bill McKibben of Ripton, Vermont, environmental activist, author of The End of Nature, and Scholar-in-Residence at Middlebury College: "Trees have always spoken to me, though never as straightforwardly as in this fascinating volume. But to be in an old and stately forest is to sense immediately the presence of real wisdom."

David Brynn, founder of Vermont Family Forests, Bristol, VT: "If we are to live in a healthy world, we need to re-connect with forests on a spiritual basis. Dorothy Maclean's Call of the Trees helps us to see, to hear, and to feel the forest through the trees and to recognize them as our soul-friends. Read the messages. Go to the forest. Be there. Be still and hear their call."

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, Cherokee elder, Tibetan Buddhist teacher and founder of Sunray Meditation Society and Sunray Peace Village, Lincoln, VT: "This book reminds me of words spoken by kind Cherokee elders regarding the entwined consciousness of trees and humanity. The text reads like a sermon calling the reader to recognize the sacredness of all life and the interdependence of human thoughts and actions with the environment. To remember that there is One Mind underlying the appearances of individual egos is an antidote to separation and aggression.

May each reader recall that, just as trees offer life-giving oxygen to the environment and the support of all beings on Earth, so our thoughts move through the atmosphere and give rise to the appearances and situations occurring on our planet. The message is of the bio-resonance of thoughts energizing physical expression, and the interdependence of all beings expressing the potential of the holy mystery which unites us all.

May this title benefit all beings and rekindle the memory that all is One in the dance of Life."