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Introduction by Dorothy Maclean

The contents of this book put forward a perspective on trees that is not normally presented, and I should like to go into its history — albeit very briefly.

I — a Canadian — came to Britain to do work in World War II. There I met my colleagues, Peter and Eileen Caddy, who — like me — were seeking to find the answers as to the purpose of life. Though we had come from different backgrounds, we had each experienced that we were part of a loving universe, and could individually get the answers we needed from our inner divinity or intuition.This knowledge changed us and expanded our capabilities.

In 1954 I began daily inner attunements or meditations, putting the loving wisdom of this connection into words. For years, Peter, Eileen, and I based our lives on our inner contacts, and proved the reality and validity of what we received from those sources.

For five years, through the use of our guidance for relevant answers to our practical, daily problems, we ran Cluny Hill Hotel in Scotland. We brought it from financial failure to popularity and success.

In 1962 we found ourselves living in a trailer park without formal jobs. Knowing from our guidance that it was right to stay there, we augmented our food supply by growing vegetables in the sand surrounding the trailer. The results were pretty miserable, and one morning I received the following from my inner divinity:

To those who have an insight into life everything has meaning. The forces of nature are something to be felt into, to be stretched out to, and one of the jobs for you is to feel into the nature forces such as the wind, feel its essence and purpose for Me, and be positive and harmonize with that essence.

It will not be as difficult as you immediately imagine.

All the forces are to be felt into, even the sun, the moon, the sea, the trees, the very grass. All are part of My life. All is One life.

Humanity, instead of building a generous cooperation with My One life on this planet, has hacked it into pieces.

Play your part in making life One again, with My help.

© Dorothy Maclean, published by Lorian