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Great forests must flourish and humanity must see to this if you wish to continue to live on this planet. The knowledge of this necessity must become part of your consciousness, as much accepted as your need for water. You need trees just as much; the two are linked. We are indeed the skin of the Earth and skin not only covers and protects, but passes through it the forces of life. Nothing could be more vital to life as a whole than tree, trees and more trees.

The nature kingdoms need their champions to help redress the balance that has been upset by man, but it is a balance that needs to be found. Balance is not a position of rigidity but one of great ease, a flowing with every movement, of non-resistance, of giving and taking and adjusting, of forever seeking Oneness, of being close to the Creator. In the wholeness of creation, All Life serves and complements each other. The nature kingdom offers its abundance as long as man obeys universal law.

We say that you can render the greatest of services by recognizing us and bringing our reality to human consciousness. It is a fact that we are many yet speak with one clear voice. It is a fact that we are the overlighting intelligence of each species, not the spirit of individual trees. It is a fact that we are vitally concerned with the Earth as a whole. We see humanity interfering detrimentally with the unit you call this planet. We would communicate with you to make you more aware of God's laws regarding the planet.

Just as humanity has vehicles in various realms and can function in various dimensions, so can we, in a different way, for God is Consciousness Itself. Though a tree may have little consciousness compared to humanity, we are what is behind the growing self-awareness of Life. God always needs hands and feet, and we are those hands and feet bringing about those miracles of growth which lead to self-consciousness and then God-consciousness. As you return to Source and become its hands and feet, you cannot but be conscious of this Life in us, for there is nothing which is not of God. And the more you recognize our role and act accordingly, the better for All Life on this Earth and elsewhere.

What perhaps you do not know is that recognition of us provides a door to more of a two-way communication and cooperation. This is something necessary for the well-being of humanity, who is moving toward the joy of becoming more part of the wholeness of the planet as you learn to be what you truly are.

Child of Earth and Spirit, we address the spirit aspect of your nature, for that is our meeting ground. We repeat, mature trees are needed. It is not enough to have the land reforested, for young trees are not capable of fulfilling our task of transmuting energies. You need us for this, you need us for the balance of peace and stability. If there is a dearth of the large trees, the peace and stability of mankind is affected, for we are One. You cannot destroy us without destroying yourselves.

©2006 Dorothy Maclean