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Preface—Humans and the Trees

In September 2002, Vermont Family Forests (VFF) of Bristol, Vermont, USA invited Dorothy Maclean to come to Vermont to share her rare messages from the trees, and to address a pressing question: What is the relationship between humans and the trees?

Her messages alarmed us: they call on humanity to protect the old-growth trees and to re-forest the Earth for its own survival. Motivated by the urgency and timeliness of their call, we made a commitment to each other and to Dorothy to print her tree messages and to broadcast them far and wide like seeds.

None too soon. Three-quarters of the Earth's original forests have been cut. In the meantime, industry is rapidly logging the Earth's remaining tropical and northern forests. Researchers are even now experimenting with the planting of sterile genetically-engineered trees.

VFF is a learning organization which was founded in 1995 to explore and develop new models of forestry that are community-based and ecologically sustainable. After many years of research, VFF found that our dialogue about the forest was invariably one-sided: How could we get beyond the limited, self-interest of our human point of view? If only the trees could speak!

So a group of us invited Dorothy to VFF to share the extraordinary tree messages she has received since 1965. They call us to wake up from our self-absorption and to remember who we really are. Like elders encouraging a young adult to grow up and come into its maturity, the trees urge us to evolve a new relationship with nature.

We learned that the trees are not only the guardians, but also the skin of the Earth. Nature is not a blind crude force but an intelligent presence that is not only able but eager to communicate and cooperate with an awakened humanity. The trees are calling us home to ourselves and to the work of restoring our planet.

We honor Dorothy for her pioneering life work of sharing these profound messages with people all around the world and helping them attune to the truth within. We are touched by her humility and pragmatism and give thanks to her generosity and faith in us.

If these messages from the trees speak to you, then please pass them on. In their words, we say that you can render the greatest of services by recognizing us and bringing our reality to human consciousness. Share them with your relatives and friends and network with us.

Thank you!

Jonathan Corcoran

Bunny Daubner

Jennifer Vyhnak

Call of the Trees
October 2005