Call of the Trees
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Who We Are

Bunny Daubner

Picture of Bunny Grandmother of many; community activist; peace and justice advocate; founder of the Five-Town Peace Coalition. [Bunny on Facebook]

“These powerful messages from the trees remind me that we are all One and that our very survival depends on our cooperation with Nature and with each other. If we acknowledge this, we will be able to welcome the diversity which is intrinsic to life on this planet, and to work together in peace and harmony.”

Jonathan Corcoran

Picture of Jon Cultural entrepreneur, consultant, and collaborator in a number of local ventures — including Addison County Relocalization Network and Vermont Family Forests — which explore sustainable ways to grow food, energy, and community in partnership with Nature.

“My understanding from the messages is that we humans have fallen into the deep sleep of separation. We’ve forgotten who we are, and why we are here. The trees are like elders: cautioning self-centered adolescents, and gently reminding them about their responsibilities to their community, and their relationships to the whole.”

Jennifer Vyhnak

Picture of Jennifer Founder of the Earth Healing Institute which is dedicated to teaching others how we can re-establish our sacred partnership with Nature and thus create balance on Earth.

“The tree messages point to an evolutionary opportunity which is rooted in the principle of Oneness and the sacredness of all Life. The Earth is the Garden of Eden — We are creators, we are healers working in collaboration with Nature. Nature has been patiently waiting for us to explore a new conversation, a new relationship with her, and to work together in service to heal the planet.”